Nga Reiniö

Up the hill

Last month it was a roller coaster ride for me. That’s how personal growth feels like- at the beginning you go up a big and isolated hill, in the middle it’s a sudden scary drop and then you go up again with unexpected joy. After a few rides you might develop some expectancy, and if you have learned something it must be the thrill- the courage to start the ride again, and how to adjust your breath when you drop.  This time, it took me a while to comb through my thoughts. Painting helped, as usual <3

My plan for July is gone- the application for the art fair was rejected, which is disappointing yet surprisingly I was not upset by it at all, maybe because I had just had a roller coaster drop and because the painting “Chinook skies” got into an IAPS show, which is really an awesome event. Then ICAN is coming- an opportunity for pastelists to gather and learn! My paintings will also be there at their Purely Pastels exhibition. Well done, Nga, your effort has paid off.

One more reason for me to manifest March and April regardless of the roller coaster drop is that I’ve got a buyer’s offer. This is crazy. My self-doubt tells me that I need to sharpen my skills to keep up with the stories behind my work. My spiritual guides tell me to enjoy the thrills of the rides and share them with others. Some might misunderstand the word “teaching.” You don’t need to be a teacher so that you can teach. Teaching isn’t holding others’ hands and showing them to do things. Teaching is showing others where to look, where to start. Then they can learn by themself through your sharing.

While my wish to share the joy of painting and drawing has emerged, I came across a call for artists from a local show. The theme is “Healing.” I knew I would love to participate in it so I applied! Happily, the painting “Light of Hope” will be there for the month of May. I’ll share the show information when the time comes. 

Talking about healing, have you heard of astral projection? Family news from Vietnam and a strange dream led me to learn more about this practice. If anyone has experienced it and desires to share it with me, feel free to email me at <3

Have a great rest of April!

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Harry: “Is it real or has it always happened in my head?”

Dumbledore replies: “Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”

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